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An event structure created in 2014 by Johan Picas, a former pilot in Style structure and Shows (2008).

· A global presentation with entertainment and demonstrations in public interaction.

· Spectacular shows including structure, drivers, sound and speaker, adjustuble to the customer's expectations.

· A different show created to thrill and engage its audience through acrobatic and spaectacular figures, as much closer to the audience through a small surface area required for presentation (20m by 20m).

The structure of the show

Based on a trailer, this structure is very compact suitable for narrow places.

The progress

4 parts for a period of about 30 minutes:

· A part for flat BMX.

· A part for trial.

· A part engaging the public with a voluntary person standing and lying on the ground.  

· A part for freestyle trial with jumps and backflip.


Available options

· A small or a large structure  depending on different budgets and spaces

· One or more days of show, with one to four shows per day

· Possibility to use thermal or electric motorcycles

· VTT TRIAL riders

· VTT DIRT riders

· BMX riders

· Backflip on Funbox (Module 1,50m)

· Mini Backflip (Ramp 50 cm)


Show Trial


Mini Backflip
Backfllip Fun Box
the Riders
Differentes structures

Each structure has its advantages and disadvantages 

 The large structure allows us to offer a full show, more impressive than the smaller trailer.  It is bigger and can offer a greater variety  of figures than the second. However it requires a bit larger space.

The small structure is suitable for lower budgets but still allows us to offer  a quality show with many figures on the ground. It also requires a smaller space. 

Small structure
(20x20 meters)
Big structure
(20X30 meters)
Where are we now

At the biggestmotor evnts : Grand Prix Automobile, (GP F1 Singapore, GP  Formula E in Beijing), Moto Tour, road rallies or off-road, World Championship Trial Indoor-Outdoor …

  Where can you find Made2Ride:

· In openings

· Village festivals

· In festivals or other public eents… 

· Les auto / motorcycle showroom 

· Sports events



Articles on trial bike specialized sites :





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